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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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3 %- every one of nurses kept saying -- [ indiscernible ] >> after a horrifying crash he dded eight times. the oneegift he wants to you give this soap. a humid holiday display in baltimore county. how visitors are asked to help. looking at the potential for a white christmas and more snow a closer look coming up next. rooms and rooms and rooms full of santas. >> merrr christmas. >> find out why this woman was destined to make this huge collection. live in high definition fro@ wbfftv in baltimorr this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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popeebenedict celebrates at st. peter's at the vatican as the worll pause toocelebrate the birth of jesus christ. >> merry christmas everyone. well it has been a bloody start to the holiday weekend. one of three teenagers shot last night has died. the gun man is still on the @%se. >> a blood stained sidewalk is a graphic reminder of what happened aaong this west baltimorr street hurrday night. [ indiscernible ] i don't know what was happening. >> police say just after 7:30 in the evening holiday happiness was shattered when shots rang out skilling 14-year-old and wounding two others.
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>> they found three victims. all male. all juveniles. >> three teenagerses 15 and 17 had been shot. the boys were standing outside. in the neighborhood when a man with a gun approached them and opened fire. -p>> they were outside in the block all hree victims made it into the house before they collapse yesterday after getting shot in the head this is the house that the 14-year-old boy ran in to looking for help. >> the two other vic else followed. @%15 year shot in the buttocks and a 17-year-old shot in the wrist and the thigh. now police are searching for who killed. >> fox 55news at 10:00. those two teens who were
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shot are expected to survive. city police are also search for the man behind a rash of violence in southeast baltimore. police have released this sketch. investigators elieve he is responsible for a robbery and shooting last saturday along over the past few weeks.ents >> we're looking for more than one suspect in the each incident. but this is the individual that we have the composite of.@@%-e . >> if you have any information yoo're urged to call a pooice tip line. fire rips through a buildin in east baltimore this afternoon when fire fight areas arrived the building at north chester wws engulfed in flames. crews kept the fire from spreading. >> it appears they are vacant at this time. no injuries to report t this time.
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>> investigators are still probing the cause of the fire. a famiiy is safe and sound after fire ripped through their home and tonight their hero is honey the dog. judy shows us why. >> eddy strongberg jr. is used to his 4-year-old dog hooey waking himmup. >> but normally if she just barks at me it's like ggt away because i'm tired. >> but one night in september honey was frantic. that's when the 4th grader smelled smoke. >> i was thinking if i would be able the get out alive. because when i first saw it tte flames were starting o get to theeddor so that is when i just ran. >> honey ran too. eddyys dad raced home ffom work
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to find him wrapped in a blanket >> the fire department will take care of it and we're all lucky that we'reeout and tte ogs and animmls are out. >> now the family calls the golden lab a hero. >> thank you for saving y life i'll always love you. >> also from theestrongberg's church and his school st. agnes parish. >> two days latee we had a fund-raiser and they raised almost $5,000 for the family o thhy could use to it get whatever they need. >> the cause of the fire still being determined. move back in their old home this spring. long as honey is by his ide. he had a hunch she was a special ddg. >> i wwnt to name her angle.
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because she looks like an angel. -p>> sometimes i'll call her anl and she will respond to ii. someonn is slashing tires and the situation is so bad neighborrers are now heeping search for the slapped balls. -- vannals. some residents have installed surveillance cammras with hopes of catching the vandals in the act..3 >> this problem may have started with a ffud and now has gotten out of hand. it could bb multiple suspects.@ we're not sure. >> there have been 20 cases since august. if you have information you're urged to call them. christmas eve celebrations are ringing across baltimore tonight.
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>> hundreds of people were at the 6:00 ppm. services in north baltimore. the message this season is simple. >> to remind everybody that od has directly interest evened in the human scene. as he sent jesus his son to be what life should be about. because god loves us and our neighbor. >> there is still time to get the midnight ass..3 you're being asked to arrive by 11::0 tonight. the carols beggn at 1:20. >> and the faithful gather at st. peter's for idnight services. the passed increased security this year. during the same ceremony last year a woman jumped over a barrier and knocked doww thh pope. he was not hurt but a cardinal next to him sufferedda broken
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the race to get home for the holidays has become more difficult. delta airlines canceled 500 flights. weather systems moving across the country are to lame. several airlines are waving need to re-- flights. some of the weather may give us a white christmas or will it? what will ww have on chrrstmas? >> an interesting but potentially dangerous storm. we have the potential for a white christmas puuhing in ffom3 the west. that is going to continue to push ii from the west and give us a chance for a light @%atingacross maryland through theeafternoon tomorrow and into tomorrow night. not so much worry with that one but lloking to the south this is the main concern. we have another area of low pressure that is going to be
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trackinggthrough parts of texas and moving up the eastern seaboard. how that tracks is very give us maybe some heavy snowfall. tomorrow i'm thinking we're going to see a 30% chance of snowfall through parts of evening. so it looks like we could get a white dusting.3 this is the concern. this storm is trying to make abelian for the eastern easterr seaboard. about 50-mile difference from %-eastward will mean either a light coating or a heavy amount of snowfall but the mmdels are starting to show a westerly westerly-pull. i'll show you the potential numbers coming up in just a moment. you can be in chargg of your
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use the interactive tools to track the weather right down to yourrstreet. see it and shoottit and senddit. -o the website. photos and video just go to a man taking his christmas@ spirit to a new level. miranda stephen has more. -p>> jeff, he doesn't know how many lights it takes to create this amazing spectacle. he stopped coonting at 50,000 and as for the smiles it brinns that is countless too. >> there is the lights. you cannsmell the wood smoke burning.3 >> a winter wonderland awaits visitors big and small. >> it's beautiful and it's a lot of work.
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>> the man behind the ork is chug grease on. they like to call him mr. christmas. >> the trees are my avorite.@ %-do.ongest and the hardest to >> he eggn at his home 17 years ago. the rope is simple. >> i really enjoy doing it. >> and he does it wiihhsuch precision. >> i have to talk to the lights to make them look sometimes. >> after last year's brutal blizzards ruined a lot of his ornaments they were not sure if thhs show would happen. >> we put away each week to be able to afford this. >> a bill thaa grows four times the norm but he doesn't charge admission. he just askee to bring food donations to benefit the
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maryland food bbn. >> do unto others as you would have them do unto you. >> and he said he has gotten the most food donations this year than any other year. if you want to check out display you still hhve time. it ruus every night starting at 5:00 p... from now until january 5th. members of the john's hopkin ace uniiersity marked an important anniversary today. on this day 137 years aao mr. johns hopkins himself passed away. he left $7 million in his will money used to establish the >> we need to recognize him each year and remind ourselves of what a difference he made in the @%rld as a rather humble quaker meechant in baltimore wiih his earnings and which was a lot of
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money. >> the university has a copy of it's linked to ours webb web. -- >> he looked like he was dead@ laying there. >> the tte struggle to stay alive. the thing that helpee him do it and now he is asking you to help othees.3@ -t's our cover story tomorrow. >> when was the last team you bought a ssnta? >> wallgreens. >> almost 800 of them. while she was almost destined to do it later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> over there lonely and missin3 -heir famiiy. >> up next the straageers that make soldiers ffel welcome as they return home after the break. @
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travelers beware. airports screennrr have a new item on the radar. home land security as ordered screeners to pay closs attention to the insulated bverage containers which could be used to hide explosives. the tsa said the alert is based don'ttseem that concerned. >> i woold be willing to have them take a look at my coffee mug. theeofficiils say they arr always on heightened alerttover the holiday eason. simply trying to anticipateenew attacks. >> when soldiers stationed3 overseas fly homm for holiday many are greee by strangers. bob goes to the airport tonight >> you know that old christmas reffaii theee is no place like -ome for holidays.
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that takes n a special significance when you're coming from a war zone. @% and that's why so many mostly -omplete strangers have come out to international arrivals at wbi this evening. over there and lonely and missing their family so when they come here look at all of thess peeple. >> nicole is here with baby3 daughter. %-a six monnh deployyent fromom iraq. >> this oneewas harder because he left when she was a-month-old. >> volunteers with a program called operation welcome home >> they will go on to be with
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their families. i admire the people who have organized this. >> they are bringing home 260 passengers many of them just out of iraq and afghanistan. -e wenttto war ii the late '60s.3 vietnam we dddn't feel like we were welcomed back and it is real important for them to come back and see their families and have people welcome them home. >> sadly nicole won'tthave that either. hhr christmas wish has been dashed. husband rico missed he flight. >> probably he caught bad weather. he may be coming in tomorrow.3 so weego home and wait for @%morrow. >> if you're one of the last minute shoppers you ay have trouble finding a gift at this hour. it was packed with plenty of but others say last minute -hopping is a holiday tradition.
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>> i love the thrill. it's exciting to me. >> it's not bad. betterrthan i thought it was >> the later we get the more crowded it's getting. >> i should have started earlier. a lot lines and busy. >> if you still need to shop good luck. 24 hour convenience stores are about the only stores still open. >more americans operated to on-line sales are up 12% this year compared to last holiday season..3 reached $5.5 billion whichng brings us to our question of the day. %-this year?ore shopping on-line p> 54% say yes. 46 still brave the stores. liz saiddon face book first year doing on-line shopping.3 it was definitely better especially with young children. tonya writes all of my shopping was done on-line. hate going into the stores.
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people are out of control. go to and tell us whht you think.@ hear more responses tooight at @%:00. many of you sharing your cryssal sent us this photo of her dog with santa ann morgan sent us this picture. the amily calls it redneck christmas tree. the star is actuallyya set of aatlers. go for you can watch our holiday storiis and soldier greetings and you can for all to see. one of the things that ww're keeping track of is santa clauu. take it away. >> looks like we have the help
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will continue to follow the path of santa and he is starting to %-the parse of partf and the northern portion of the equator. but right now he is in the south. next stop is rio and trinidad. ss looking at the southern portion of the hemisphhrr they are getting their toys s we speak. you can see him coming out from the tlannic ann heading over parts of brazil and moving north and coming or way so it looks like hi fliiht plan is looking good. he should teer clear of the storm beccuse he checks the weather ahead of time ann the3 reindeer do a retty good job as far as how they travee. let's peek at the radar. we have to watch out for potential big storm ii thh making. we have this llw that is goinn to tracc in but this is the low
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that i'm concerned with as we get through the next day here intt sunday. potentiallyygiving us heavy amounts of snowfall. and we could get some pretty good shovels of now depending on the track of the storm. the potential that it couud have -- i'll she you in just a bit. up thhir sllaves and help others. more than 700 eople took part. they helped put togetherrcare packages. typically christmas day most of our olunteers are jewish and food or going to he movies and the idea was to spend the day@ giving back to the community. >> this yeer's day is on christmas eve because christmas
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day falls on a saturday which i3 the jewish sabbath.3 later why one 3
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it'' the season of givinn.
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everyone to give blood. it saved his life. and in tonight's cover story kathleen shows you how brian boyle becameea true ironnman. >> we lived across the street from each other. we gree up acrrss the street. >> joanne and garth a classic love story. >> we were 13 when we first started hanging out. >> aaddit led to the ltar. >> he want three.@ -p>> they welcomed their first because aftee brian was bornt garth got cancerr.3 >> it shattered the dreams for the big family. >> while garth workkd on his recovery they concentrated on raising brian. %-the summer of 2004 he graduat3 near the top of his class. >> two weeks later was tth car accident.
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town of welcome the a dump truck slammed into the teen's car.3 his heart was shovee to the opposite side of his chest. >> brian was in critical condition. >> broken ribs, daaagee organs and brian haa last more than half of the blooddin his body. >> he looked dead lying there. >> brian's heart did stop. it's in god's hands. >> eight timms doctors say he died. eight times doctors revived him. >> tried to give us hopefulll but it was a waating game. >> after two months in a coma and 14 surgeries briaa woke up. >> it was terrifying. to say the least because i didn't know how i got there or whht happened to me and i knew the situation was bad because boats of myyparents are begging me to keep fighting and i didn't know what they werr talking
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about. >> when i was able to take my first baby sets. -he progress was so rapid and e didn't want to stop. >> ggueling physical therapy. >> this is my done again. -- dung again. thought about one day at a time. learning how to eat on my own. >> transformed into training @%ing from strong to stronger to -trongest. >> iron man ry athlete. >> just three years later brian swam, biked and ran in the the iron man tryth land in hawaii. >> i wasn't brian boyle the siik boy the skelettn in tte %-the iron brian boyle >> it was a miracle and to look at him now it had to be a
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miracle. >> when i did cross the finish line my parents were reborn. @% brian is also creaaing his own new image and setting his sites on becoming career ron3 man. >> it's anotter miraculous thinn. >> brian has been featured in dozens of body buulding -agazines. >> i had 13 plasma treattent. -t's not just mm i'm a wwole team rightthere. >> but his biggest fans are his hh has taken us on this journey3 >> brian works out now six to eight hours a day. >> got to push through tte pain. @% he is mottvated by his ownn3 story.d by his father's cancer
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a father ann son able to beat the odds against different@ @%emies. >> it started out like a nightmare but now it's a good drram. >> hh now has a purpose driien -ife. p> to help inspire others.@ that is the reason i'm still hhre. >> in charles county, fox 45 news at 10:00. @% the red cross allays needs blood. find the nearest donation site on our website aater the break what police found in one stocking that caused the owner to turn himself in. and find out whh fate drew %-santas.n to collect nearly 900 and trackinn santa as he is
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the down to the wire for this white christmas. >> it's been a chance for a white christmas and we've been watching it and there is still a -hhncee.3 the real concerr is what comes after christmas day sunday and
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monday. been atching the storm to see if we see something that comes down subbtantial ttat could be disruptive and the modell are coming into play that there is a potential to see a major winter storm. this is going to be a close one to call.@ this is first f all the upper level low that is going to give us maybe a scattered snow shower in the afternoon tomorrow ann ii's going to continues to move across the regionn indiana heavier snow showers over parts of kentucky and down towards caabon dale, illinois. @%ansville should get some snow as well. across to the shouted of -- south of us. this area of ow pressure that3 traaked down the coast of california nd make its way toward the carolinas giving us the chance for heavy aaounts of
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snowfall depending on the track i'll break it down in just a moment. but what is going on right now is relatively quiet conddtions. and it looks like we have the temperature today t 41. a beaatiiul day. nice quiet day leading us into3 the weekend. but it looks like the temperatures will drop. 34 altimore. 19 in oakland. and maryland satellite and radar cooposite you can see breaks in the clouds. -tarting to see overcast move in that will continue to move across the central portton of the state giving us a light dusting f snow. @%ybe up to an inch and a half. but that is not tte concern as we see the colder air mooing in the system moves up the@ coastlinn. the bbgger picture here you can
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see the upper level llw the first wave that will push there. what we're talking about is this system will continue to push in and that will contiiue to sside to the south. %-south.the energy is to the we're watching his system as it makes that turn up the coast as it moves out oo the carolinas %-it will strengthen and it will @% puuping in the oisture and the core offthe snow could be across thh i-95 corriior. and even linggring sooe snow@ into onday. as it rolls up the coast you can see the heavier snow starting t3 come down suuday afternoon and sunday night across the i-95 corridor. if this hoods together thissis the computer model run showing the potential f what we can see if the storr is riding the coast. we're looking attanywhere from
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5-10 inches of snowwdown to d.c the eastern shore aa mucc as @%ybe a foot of snow. a closer look. ttis is a odel run. westminnter up to 9-10 inches and then the eastern shore about a foot or snow or more. this could ssift further est or shift a little bit to the east which means less ssow. this is a very important thing toowatch because this storm could be very big -- hhve a very big impacttover the region sunday and sunday night and monday. we have a potential not saying this is going to happen but the potential to see as much as 5-10 inches of snow. so we have to waach this closely. tonight clouds gathering. 28 degrees.
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tomoorow mmrry east christmas and happy holidays and on the five-day forecast the chance or big ssormmand then clearrng by tuesday and wednesdaa. the seven--ay coming up. a new mexico mannis in trouble for what officers discovered inside his christmas stockings. police say there were 13 grams of coccine hidden inside the stockings. the discovery was made during a drug raid and the suspect who turned himself in. @%> a bra bandit. someone manageddto walk out of the victoria secret's store with hundreds of bras. police say there was no security camera inside the store.@ a kentucky woman takes santa veey seriously. the single santt outside this
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home hhdessthe 797 other santas in sigh. sannas with long beards. singing santas or santas that jelly. she thought this might be her fate ince she was a littte girl >> my name is mary christine. >> yes. >> mary christine willed them o her daughters.3 a ot of
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the week of christmas usually comes with huge releases in pictures. @% jeff bridges is doing pretty well for himmelf. he is in the movie which was a hit at the box office and hi an tall still has the oscar for his
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performance in crazyyheart. >> i remember when the cohan brothers came to me. gee didn't they make that movie? they said why. >> and i said why do you want to make it again. >> e're making a version of the book. >> jeff bridgeses is eeping his accent in gooddshape as he takes on the role of a drunk can trigger happy u.s. marshall. >> they will be racinggagainst3 matt damen who is allo chassng -im down. >> my en will beat you to it. >> true grit is rated pg13.
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gull very's travels. plaque is ship wrecked on an isllnd of miniature natives. >> i'm rom the island of manhattan between the islands of staton and long. >> ereeyou the president? of courseeheewas, mother. >> gull very's travels is rated pg. >> hat is your own personal -- >> ben stiller is hoping to prove he too is a bigger man. the entire cast of meet the fakeriee return foo a birthday parter. >> jack,. >> to we a favor a little. lee go of the reigns. it's hard to believe ut it's been 20 years since the
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movie home alone hit the theaters. the classic is back for two showwngg at the charles. it will be shown next monday and thursday. fox 45 news att10:00. it's going to be
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> it looks like we'll see a chance for scattered snow showers. we still to have watch this storm. goong out to sea and we might but still some other models showing heavier snow. just watch the weather. we'll keep you possed. and like i said we'll have to keep you posted with the passenger numbers. ann back to you. >> either way we'll have a merry chhistmas. >> he ravens can cliich a play-oof bit on sunday. but two key players are outt >> thanks, jeff.3 coming up next on sports unnimited a cold and wiidy afternoon in cleveland. how will that affect the raven's game plan. two key players are out and one is questionable for sunday's game. plus a look at some offthee3 players and the coachbe


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